Ashlynne Pearl

Ashlynne Pearl
4th Alternate, Miss Magnolia State

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Weve been MIA!!!

My sweet baby turned two in June. Here are some pictures from the summer.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter Egg Hunt 2012

Playing at Aunt Mavis's House

Second cousin Bella!

She was saying, "Momma? WEEEEEEE!!!". This horse was the hit of the day!

Easter Basket Saturday!

Easter rabbit from grandma wanda hopping around.

Oh the fun we had opening the Easter basket!

Monday, April 9, 2012

He is RISEN!

On our way to Church!!!!!!!!!! And in our dress Granny Shirley made her! It was adorable!

Our visit to Batsons Children's Hospital

Ashlynne was admitted to Batsons Children's Hospital on March 20th 2012. She started to limp on her left leg the Thursday before. It seemed to get worse so Scott decided we had better take her in Friday night. They xrayed her leg and said there were no fracture or break BUT if she were to run fever over the weekend to bring her back. Long story short, we ended up at her doctor Tuesday after fighting fever since Sunday and they said "Go home, pack a bag and head to Jackson.". We were on pins and needles. They thought it was Ostiomylytice, which is an infection of the bone. They did the MRI Wednesday morning and it was normal.

We stayed until Friday because of fever and to be cautious. Granny and Granddaddy were by her side the entire first two days. We were so thankful and blessed to have them supporting not only Ashlynne but us too! Me specifically! My mom and I talked hourly.... debating on whether she should get on a plane and come. It ended up that we decided to wait.

Ashlynne got balloons from Daddy, granny and others. We were showered with prayers! It was amazing!

I slept every night in the crib with her. It was terribly uncomfortable but she wouldnt have it any other way, and I wouldnt either. She was a trooper. I was so proud of her. We also got a visit from the kids on her first night. They brought her the sweetest basket. It was so awesome to see them . They were the only ones who she would be held by!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She cried when they left.

We got a clean bill of health last Monday. I cried huge tears of relief, joy and Thank you Lord! She started limping again recently but we have a followup appointment with a doctor in Jackson in May! Mommy loves you Ashlynne Pearl.